Fancy a delicious experience? This is now possible! Restaurant Klost'r is the perfect place to indulge yourself in a culinary way. And the nice part: if you stay in B&B 't Vlyt you don't even have to leave our place! But our restaurant is also open to anyone who wants to dine! Hurry up and make your reservation now!

In case the reservation system lags or does not load, please refresh this page.

Welcome to 'tVlyt! - Relaxing in the heart of Haspengouw

Early December 2019 we opened B&B 'tVlyt proudly and with a warm heart. Proud because of what we got done in a very short time and a warm heart because from now on we can share our passion with you. And we are really looking forward to meeting you!

At this moment we already have four rooms available. Our wellness needs some finishing but in the meantime Jessica is eager to take you under her expert hands!


We will start with a bit of history. About Vlijtingen and how we got to 't Vlyt... Curious?
That's great!

In B&B 't Vlyt you can also book a visit at our beauty saloon. Jessica is ready for the most relaxing beauty treatments.

Our expert is specialized in skin improvements and does everything possible to make you feel even better in your skin!

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